What’s your travel plan in 2021? If your plans have you heading across the pond, then we’re green with envy! Europe is a fantastic place to travel, and it’s especially rewarding for garden lovers. From England to Italy, every country in Europe offers diverse, unique gardens that are truly worthy of your time and attention. Following are the gardens of our favorites! 1. KEW GARDENS                                                          Source:  Kew Gardens Kew Garden is London’s premier botanical gardens, and it’s absolutely breathtaking. Showcasing the largest (30,000+ types!) and most diverse collection of plants in the world, Kew Gardens was founded in 1840.  The World Heritage site is one of Londontown’s top tourist attractions, welcoming more than 1 million visitors per year! Even if you’re only in London for a one-day layover, Kew Gardens is well worth your time. Full of themed plant houses, ornamental buildings, a palace, plant collections, galleries and museums, you li

10 Different Flower Pots To Decorate Your Garden

A garden is a paradise of beautiful flowers and plants, and also vivid decorations, which enhances the beauty of a house. Gardening is a passion for many people, and enhances the beauty of your landscape garden, you can add a few garden decorations to it. Here are 10 different animal shape flower pots  for you to make your yard lively. 1. Nature Color Stone Covered Snail Pot When you have an outdoor space for gardening, try this snail pot. The tentacles on its head, and between the small mouth and the tentacles, there are lovely eyes looking after your garden. 2. Round Wood Covered Turtle Pot You can feel closer to nature by placing a turtle pot in your garden. Looking at beautiful flowers and greenery all around will relax your mind. Plant some succulents on it, such a house will give you a feel of nature of home. 3. Color Stone Covered Frog Pot It is often seen that accessorizing a garden can be very costly, but this frog pot can solve your problem. Put it on the pebbles pl